with Canadian Band Across The Board 

"Across The Board (ATB) is a Canadian rock band based in Toronto, Canada with a harmonic acoustic rock sound bridging the genres of rock, pop and indie."
Jacqueline Auguste/ATB


Visit The Across The Board Music Canada Website at: www.acrosstheboardmusic.ca

Pick Up and Play

"ATB... are one of those rare and inspired groups of songwriters and performers who possess both a skewed, profound outlook and a warm, pen heart."
Rick Jamm

"It instantly lures the listener in thanks to its killer electric guitar riffs, and front-woman Jacqueline Auguste's strong lead vocals, which are reminiscent of Grammy-winning country songstress LeAnn Rimes...It earns two thumbs up."

Digital Journal​

"Pick Up And Play" is ATB's music webseries--by taking the concept of the weekly 'jam session' to the internet, we are inviting viewers to hang out and see how we work together to basically pick a song, arrange it, learn it, perform it and record it to a music video all in one session!"


     Step Into the ATB Studios or follow us on location