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"Pick Up And Play" is ATB's music webseries--by taking the concept of the weekly 'jam session' to the internet, we are inviting viewers to hang out and see how we work together to basically pick a song, arrange it, learn it, perform it and record it to a music video all in one session!"


"Across The Board (ATB) is a Canadian rock band based in Toronto, Canada with a harmonic acoustic rock sound bridging the genres of rock, pop and alt country."
Jacqueline Auguste/ATB


Utilizing a modern updating of a classic, acoustic driven country-rock sound, the AcrossTheBoardapproach goes in between various permutations of that style: on “Black Box”, and “Toronto Listen Up!” there’s a hint of alt-country and progressive lo-fi folk.

AcrossTheBoard are a rare mix of musical, vocal and lyrical talent, the result of which are songs that will hold up over time. They have a musical energy that is hard to define: there is a sense of love for the music and positive interaction between each other, which mixed with excellent musicianship and song writing makes for something special.

Their craftsmanship is unparalleled and each and every member of AcrossTheBoard contributes fully and equally to a whole that is superb. Their art harkens back to the early days of country and folk music and its finest artists, hinting at an upbeat but mellow sound with a modern, minimalist sentiment. This is music that you can enjoy again and again renewing each and every time with subtle tones and variances.

​The songs, starting from “Runnin'”, are easy to enjoy and relate to. AcrossTheBoard are the real deal. They have found a style that is their own and they have an energy that is infectious and genuine.
AcrossTheBoard Are a Rare Mix of Musical, Vocal and Lyrical Talent

​By Rick Jamm
Posted date: October 02, 2014

AcrossTheBoard (ATB) is a collaborative music project based in Toronto, Canada – recording and performing music across the genres of indie, rock and country -all with an acoustic flair. AcrossTheBoard recently shot the music video for “Black Box” in Zanzibar, Africa. “Black Box”, “Runnin'” and “Toronto Listen Up!” are ATB originals available on iTunes, Amazon and Reverbnation.

​“Runnin'” is full of assertive confidence, and comes out of the country corner with an assuredness and presence of mind, creating an effortless atmosphere of tightness and mood that doesn’t stray far from mid-tempo catchiness. Yet it’s within those confines that AcrossTheBoard  manages to layer textures and vocal shadings, delivering a groovy single from the first note to the very last.

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