with Canadian Band Across The Board 


Marlon CHaplin


Mirian Kay

Shaina Silver-Baird and Crooked House Road

The Book Club: Nat Novak Remplakowski, Emily Coutts, Shaina Silver-Baird, Kat Webber

Billy Marr

Richard Glen Lett

Kidd Rasta and The Peacemakers: Kidd Rasta, Paul Nanuwa, Mark Rynkun, Stacey Yerofeyeva

Michael Smith

Matthew Sokol

Christina Smith

Julia Endean

Brooklyn Doran

Jacqueline Auguste:

Born and raised in Camrose, Alberta, and moved to Toronto in 2002. Jacqueline comes from a concert/stage band background and is a multi-instrumentalist, playing a variety of woodwinds including oboe, flute and saxophone; drums/percussion, and various stringed things including guitar, ukelele, mandolin, cello and fiddle. She dabbles on the piano as one of the principle vocalists for ATB. Co-founder of ATB Music Canada, and creator of "Pick Up and Play", Jacqueline wanted to develop an indie platform for musicians from all walks of life and genres to explore their creativity collaboratively using the "weekly jam" session as a performance medium.

Andy Ramjattan

Andy was born and raised here in Toronto and his lived most of his life in Downsview. A guitarist from a young age and jam session drummer, Andy's love for music bridges the gaps between classic rock, modern indie, and nearly everything in between. As co-founder of Across The Board Music, sound engineer and chief equipment manager and handy-man, Andy plays various guitars, including bass, acoustic and electric; drum kit/percussion and recently became quite proficient at the jingle bells!

Martin Heller

Born in Montreal, Marty started his musical career playing piano at the tender age of 8. He picked up a guitar around 13 years of age and then began playing the  pedal steel as a late arrival around 28. Marty, who is a composer, songwriter and arranger, joined Across The Board primarily because of his passion for music and the enthusiasm he saw in fellow ATB musicians. "I also love playing in Jackie's studio!"

Julian Peter: 

As a founding member of "Pick Up and Play" you can see Julian perform during many of  the early episodes of the series. Julian is  a well-seasoned guitarist and vocalist, having performed for many years both as a soloist and with bands in and around Toronto.  Julian is a multitalented artist, actor, model, photographer, director and producer and we could fill pages of copy with his many credits and achievements.

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